Green & Gold

Bárbara de la Sota

All the rights of the song are reserved for Lianne La Havas.
Bere Contreras: Vocals
Bárbara de la Sota: Electric Guitar & Vocals
Diego Ruvalcaba: Percussion, Electronics, Vocals
Produced and arranged by Diego Ruvalcaba
Engineered and recorded by Rubén Limones – Onyx Recording House
Edits and programming by Diego Ruvalcaba
Mixed and mastered by Emilio García
Video executive producer: Bárbara de la Sota
Video Director: Diego Ruvalcaba
Video co-director: Rubén Limones
Video and photography: Xavier Ramírez and Carlos Escobar
Video editing: Xavier Ramírez and Diego Ruvalcaba
© Copyright 2021 Diego Ruvalcaba