Carlos Ancelmo

April 3, 2015
Carlos Ancelmo
Produced by Bruno Justi
Co-produced by Benjamin Orth and Carlos Ancelmo
Arranged by Bruno Justi, Carlos Ancelmo, Diego Ruvalcaba and Giovanno Reinaldo
Mixed by Benjamin Orth Mastered by Andre Knecht
Carlos Ancelmo: Vocals
Bruno Justi: Guitars, Percussion, Backing vocals
Giovanno Reinaldo: Bass
Benjamin Orth: Keys
Joe Albano: Flute
Diego Ruvalcaba: Drums, Percussion
Marcelo Bucater: Percussion
Natalia Spadini: Backing vocals
Mariela Arredondo: Backing vocals
Jesper Windmar: Recording assistant
Recorded at LACM Studios
© Copyright 2021 Diego Ruvalcaba